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Pipi bailarina
December 26th to 28th
Pipi is a merry and extroverted girl and she always eager to play. The story starts with the celebration of her twelfth birthday, on which her parents gift her a pair of dancing slippers, hoping she can channel that tremendous energy in a dance school. The girl, happy about her gift, cheerfully starts her lessons, but things don’t go the way she expects... Aballet created by Igor Yebra and Oxana Kucheruk, both star dancers of the Burdeos Opera.
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Un cuento de navidad
January 3rd to 5th
This opera narrates the store of the greedy Mr. Scrooge, who during a gelid Christmas Eve, receives the visit of three phantoms. After the visit and after watching the loneliness and death waiting for him, he changes his way of seeing life, turning into a good and generous man.
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Una casa de muñecas
January 8th to 11th
Between the many shadows and some lights that XX century has left, one of the most remarkable moments was certainly the woman´s struggle for the defense of their dignity and the gender equality.
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