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El eunuco
September 17th to 21st
‘Let’s imagine we are in Athens. A young, passionate man, with his hormones taking hold of his body and emotions, falls in love with a slave whose mistress is a noble woman. She - the noble woman - has a lover. Her lover is the passionate young man’s elder brother. And he wants to buy a present for her. He buys her a eunuch ... (Pep Anton Gómez)
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Los Mácbez
September 25th to 27th
‘Would a person do more than they should to get what they want? And what if they’re two? These are the core questions of Los Mácbez – the use of power in a couple, for good or worse. Andrés Lima.
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Ederlezi Pastorala
September 28th
he pastorale follows this Romani family and their descendants through the centuries, across towns from Bizkaia to Zuberoa, showing how these people are either admired or hated in well-chosen historical events, like the witch-hunt that took place in Lapurdi in the seventeenth century or during World War II.
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